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Is a watch phone cool?

I was combing the web this morning and came across this site: http://live.imwatch.it/ selling smart phone watches. I was immediately hooked to the concept, not only were they quite cool looking, they were really practical. Admittedly they're no Seiko Seamaster, so not classic "cool" in the James Bond sense, but cool in a techy kind of way. Then I started to wonder... would I really wear one though? would I feel a bit to Michael Knight talking into my watch? I'm a fan of old-skool calulator watches, is this the natural progression? So many questions and I can't decide, so I'm putting it out to the forum... Is a Smart Watch the next wave to tech we want?

acceptable in the 80's :) i had a watch with a space shuttle game. looked like those calculator watches.. only better


I can see no practical problem with the idea, and you're right, it does seem kind of cool on first impression. I think that peoples fear of being thought of as a bit of a douche for holding their wrist up to their ear all day will stop the product being too successful though.


A pocket watch is where it's at, suave as hell ;)

haha agreed!

... but you can't email or tweet from a pocket watch. Form v.s. Function - that old chestnut




Not cool!


What if you could talk to it like Suri? And it was a speaker phone so it didn't have to be at your ear? Maybe not good for private conversations. I think the only appeal is that it makes you look like a Spy. A movie spy, probably not a real one.


Nah I don't think it's cool. It would have a tiny screen so browsing wouldn't be that much fun. Maybe it will be in style one day, I can't see it happening soon though.


What about a pen phone...............only good to make calls tho...............no surfing the net


...yeah if your Maxwell Smart and can't find your shoe phone....lol...am sure you know the real answer to this question mate and that is definitely a big fat NO.....can you imagine being out with a women you are trying to impress and look cool in front of then you get a call on your watch phone....hahahaha too funny!.....

DeeDee, how could you say no to this...? This is about as cool as it gets (without being Fonzy of course)

....the hoff...then maybe was cool but now really?.....and yes I can definitely say No.....


It would be cool ... for a 10 year old.

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