Discussing :: iPhone or not to iPhone.. that is the question.


iPhone or not to iPhone.. that is the question.

I'm currently using an Android phone but am thinking of upgrading in the next couple of months. Has there actually been a successful "iPhone killer" launched by the opposition yet? I still find myself coveting the bloody Apple, despite all the shiny offerings from the other companies. Any thoughts?


Apple does fantastic marketing so your coveting isn't suprising. In saying that I don't currently own a smart phone so can't say with any real weight that the opposition is better.

I believe that there will be phones just as good as an iPhone with more customisation (doesn't the android platform offer more apps?). It all depends on whether you're OK with being without an iPhone ;).


Well I'm attempting to be ok without having an iPhone but I'm losing the battle. It's not that there aren't some nice phones that run android, but I find the apps are of lower quality than the iOS apps. Maybe its a perceptual thing, but the old apple slogan "it just works" seems to be very relevant. Sure, you have a closed platform with Apple, with strict guidelines and various hoops that, as an app developer you need to jump through, but the result is simply more polished functionality. I like polish.

Take the Google Sky Map for android. This is the app that allows you to hold your phone up to the sky and view all the constellations and stars. A more pointless but fun app I can't think of.... Now, on the iPhone, whatever the equivalent app is called, it works brilliantly, allowing you to successfully justify to your friends whilst sitting round a bonfire at night, why you spent over $1100 on a phone.
With the Android equivalent, the whole experience is more akin to a Bill Gates demonstration of a new Windows feature, i.e a doomed undertaking from the start, guaranteed to result in you looking like an embarrassed nerd.

That's not the only one. The compass on my Android phone is totally lost. It doesn't have the vaguest idea which direction north is. Even Angry Birds is shite compared to the iOS version.

I really am starting to think that I'm going to have to get an iPhone. Is there anyone that has an alternative solution? What are the likes of Nokia doing these days? Is it just a 2 horse race now? What happened to the Symbian platform?


I ended up with an iPhone not because I wanted one but because my husband wanted me to have one like him and I love it . It's easy to use, not too big and not too small. Great camera and Internet connection speed awesome. Love it has an iPod on it and can take videos too. Lots of choice for plans for it and accessories too.


What do you want out of your smart device? My husband loves his music and misses the functionality of the iPhone in this regard. I've found life without an i-device wonderful. I have philosophical differences with iTunes and find life generally better without interacting with it at all.
If you are looking for an Android device, I've found the Nexus 4 to be wonderful. It's responsive, versatile and hardy. It has a great screen size and provides an excellent experience. The audio via the headset could be improved but you get used to it (it's a bit quiet).
I have a few friends using Windows phones but they don't love the application range. I haven't heard too much that's super positive.


My partner has two and loves them and tries to get me to love them too.all I need is to be able to ring aa when my car breaks down I the dead of night. ( wouldn't be the first time). Don't really need one that makes my coffee too....


I had an Iphone 4 and absolutely hated it. Was so awkward to handle, is actually quite a big phone. And all the apps that I had on my Samsung, I couldnt find on the Iphone. I went back to Samsung after 2 months.


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