Both are great phone's. However iPhone's tend to maintain their value better than other brands. Just because there is always a strong dmand for them and due to Apple maintaining there "luxury" brand image. So for resale purposes when it comes to upgrade later on I recommend the iPhone.


As I don't have either I can't comment on the merits, but boy oh boy would I love one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Either one would do.


I think I'd go with IP5 now that its out as I want to buy an I mac putr. But then I also like the samsung 3. or the the Note. Both are good buys.


A top end Samsung Galaxy would be my pick if the budget allowed.


love my samsung s3 they rock!


S3 for sure. Why...one word ..."Android". I would like to highlight the "open source nature" of the operating system as one of its unique and defining strengths. This allows major companies such as Amazon and others to run on the back of this software and release hardware running their own customised version of Android. As a result, it could be described as "practically the default operating system for launching new hardware" for organisations without their own mobile platforms. Flexibility beyond limits.


isnt the iphone 5 worse then the iphone 4 with all its faults?


i would be happy with either 1 dont think i,ll ever be in a position to afford 1 lol


Have you considered the lumia 920 i think its the best phone out there for the price


definitely S3, both are pretty similar from what I have read in reviews and comparisons being made on YouTube, would post a video but my internet has been crappy for the last week and I'm just grateful to be able to access and post in here....the thing I don't like about the iphone phones is that every time they bring out a new iphone they just basically patch up the problems that occurred in the last release and add a few more little bells and whistles apps and then release it. I think you should just check out reviews from people who have bought these phones and then decide......

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