Id go with the galaxy personally because its performace is way better , looks sleeker , higher resolution ( i know this because steff s said it in a post above) but mainly because it just sounds way better , i mean imagine saying i just got a new i phone 4s or saying i just got this f@cking sick looking GALAXY S .


I have neither but have only heard good (glowing) things about the iphone from everyone I know who has one (they are all obsessed with it) so it would definitely be my phone of choice. wouldn't you hate to get the samsung and regret it?


I have only had an iphone so kind of biased...but i love it and dont know if i would risk changing in case i didn't love it as much as my iphone! I think there is more out there for the iphone..apps/accessories/support help/etc.


man i still have the first Galaxy and it's awesome ahaha... S3 a def upgrade f**k iphones they crash too much mates got one... samsung mate ;) u won't regret it!


Most definatley Samsung Galaxy. iPhones are old news now.


Samsung glaxy S3, is the absolute best phone.


I don't have IPHONE 4S VS SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 but what i have read LG new mobile sounds the best, if i win it i would be happy with it.


Personally, I like the Samsung Galaxy S3. It has more features and is not far off in style to the iPhone. The Galaxy also runs the Android OS which means that it is open source so it is not restricted as to the applications you can run. Apples OS is much more controlled which means that it is probably a bit more stable but you cant customise it so much. Both have their pros and cons and it depends what tradeoffs you want to make. If you are keen to go for the iPhone then you should note that Apple are due to release the iPhone 5 later this month. This could be a real game changer as they bring a lot of new features, larger screen, etc.


I would choose the S3, bigger screen, thinner and better performance. The 4S by comparison is outdated, but the iPhone 5 should be coming out soon, and you might wanna wait for thst before coming to a decision


S3, it is better in terms of specs and design, though I find it a bit too large

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