Opinions please as i need to make the big decision and not regret it....


Samsung have great phones - i drive the mini and it's perfect for my needs. probably use battery power a bit more than it's main competitor but multiple chargers fix that!


I'd go with the S3... I have an S2 which is awesome but I think the screen size on the S3 is a little big for my liking. iPhones are over-rated and don't even have flash player.


The HTC 1X is another good choice. It is pretty similar to the Galaxy S3 and has the same size screen. My partner has one and it is much better than the new iPhone.


Iphone is the best phone I've had, love it.


....If I had a smart phone I would choose the Galaxy S3.It really looks an awesome phone....:-)))


Ha, got a Samsung washing machine two days ago and it plays a neat tune when its finished, make a great ring tone. Read both cell reviews and l'm backing the Samsung Galaxy S3 this week, got to be the smarter choice.


Samsung because as soon as you buy an iPhone 4s the next one will come out and you will be stuck in the Apple constant circle and will never get out. Same with the iPads, my dad just recently bought the iPad 3 even though there was nothing wrong with his iPad 1.....at least with a samsung you will have a little while before they do petty upgrades!

lol totally agree with you


Apple uses a lot of Samsung components in their Iphone. The Galaxy blows the iphone out the water though in terms of performance though. It has a higher resolution screen and a 3.5x faster CPU clockspeed. Even when the iphone 5 is released, it will struggle to match the specs of the s3.


I have a samsung s2 and everyone else in our group have Iphone 4's, so iI get a lot of stick but i just say hey wanna watch a flash video lol. Only hate on the samsungs is the crap battery life, but at least unlike a iphone you can get a new battery without voiding the warranty ;)

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