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iPad - your favorite apps?

We just got one! I love it!! So far I've filled it with free games for the kids. Any recommendations, for kids or adults?


we have afew free games on the ipad depending on kids ages there a LEGO APP for ages 4+ and my boy loves it! There's also a Thomas the Tank Engine APP which is a hit too... I personally like playing templerun


You should try "Airplane52" (for gps phone): You can see commercial flights anywhere in the World. Plane ID gives flight number Destination and TOA. Tracked a few planes leaving Auckland on your iPod, then minutes later on a clear day you see them over head. The app is very accurate.


ANGRY birds and fruit ninja.


I second the Angry Birds. Much better on the iPad than iPod Touch.


I write a lot, and have various writing apps scattered over my Pad. Ive always used Pages or Quickoffice the most, but this last update from Pages has sent it back to the top of the list with its image editing, word count, and excellent formatting tools. They've even added tracked changes for those who work in collaboration. For the price, an excellent choice. And for a great game - contre Jour.


I agree, Angry Birds is a favourite. And the other versions of that such as Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars. Also you must check out "Contract Killer: Zombies" - this game has awesome graphics and is highly addictive.


Angry birds, mad mutts and crazy cats!!! You want it you can get it these days. Try Talking Tom for the kids, its hilarious. There are loads of good scientific apps you can get these days if your into that sort of thing.


The basic ones... the boring ones... Calculator. Currency Converter. ... The Fart Button


My fave app is the one that finds cool apps for me!!! LOL

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