Discussing :: Ipad or galaxy tab ?


Ipad or galaxy tab ?

My wife wants a tablet so i want to surprise her for christmas :) . Im still confused tho what to go for an ipad or galaxy tab . Which would be a better buy ? anyone owning please do advice


...it depends on how it will be used....I like both, they have their pros and cons....the only immediate visual difference is the size....but they are pretty close in other ways....of course there will always be those for and against...but that is just how the market is....I wouldn't mind either really but if I had to choose it would have to be the galaxy for me....the only thing is the size Ipad has a bigger screen but I like the WiFi and some other specs of the galaxy....but to be honest sedd900....I think your wife will be happy with either.....most women would be.....lol...she's very lucky.....


I'd be happy to have either or both I don't have anything


Either one would make anyone happy, only time will tell which was the better.


...I read an article saying that galaxy sales are dramatically increasing as oppose to Ipads sells which are starting to decrease.....and the market is starting to get to an overflow point because of all the different portable devices that are similar to these two coming into the market....may be a good thing for consumers can lower the prices...but would still love either or.....


...gosh just read another article about the many legal battles between Apple and Samsung over their products both companies trying to keep the other from selling in a number of markets....there are at least 30 legal battles going on between the two companies at this stage....is interesting and great for us as consumers....more market activity potential for price wars..both are winning and losing in some areas...but is all interesting just the same here's the article http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/6118359/Samsung-wins-legal-fight-with-Apple


Its still a lot of money when you know it may only last 3 years. Don't forget to get an extended warranty.


extended warranties arent worth much! consumer law protects you anyways

...those extended warranties are total BS and you are totally right Jabes under consumer law extended warranties are covered....its just that those buggars selling you these devices and appliances etc....try their luck with getting you to pay an additional fee for a coverage not required...is total crap in my book!...yet people are not informed and think extended warranties are a necessity when they are totally not necessary....


ipad3 is coming out soon


Tought choice, go with the IPAD


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