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Internet dating

I'm not the suavest of guys in real life, but I've found that I come across a lot funnier and more charming in writing/online. Think internet dating is giving the no-so-smooth guy a better shot at meeting people?


Perhaps, I've never tried internet dating myself nor have I dated anyone in the common way. I'm not much of a talker but I can be quite witty online. The only thing is if you meet someone you've been chatting to in the net, they will realise you are not quite who they thought you were. Give it a go by all means, I don't really see the harm if you think you've found the right one.


I'm married to my internet dater lol


Call me old fashioned but I prefer the old school way of finding a date. Pub, alcolhol, bad decisions.


My current partner and I met through the internet, I remember I was living in Auckland, we chatted online for over 6 months before even meeting, agree with Andrew007 that its an easier way for people to get to know another as opposed to the pub/club/etc scene where main focus is on looks, dress, etc, this way you get to find out more about what the other thinks, feels, likes, dislikes, the list is endless. My friends in Auckland were so shocked and anti when I announced I was going to Palmerston North for a weekend to meet her, man, the negativity. I already knew lots about her(as opposed to waking up in the morning next to someone I dont even really know and perhaps being a tad uncomfortable with regards to things like, what should i say, should i excuse myself and run like the wind,lol), anyways, i went to palmy, ended up staying a week, went back to auckland to only tell my friends what i was doing, and yep, arranging for my things to be carted to palmy,lol, i didnt want to be anywhere else and hadnt felt that for so long, and am still here, 12 yrs later, so there to the ones who bag it!!! peace out all and have an awesome day


I have just recently signed up for internet dating. Seems pretty quiet at the moment. Still feels weird using the internet for romance. But seems to have worked for plenty of people and is more and more common these days!


I guess it's similar to letter writing in the old days. You get to know someone's values and personality before you meet. There might not be a spark but you already know a lot about each other which is more than most people who hook up in bars can say (although having said that me and my partner met at the pub 18 years ago)!


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