Discussing :: I'm still looking for Aucklands finest Indian takeaway...


I'm still looking for Aucklands finest Indian takeaway...

Any suggestions?


Swagat, corner Link Drive and Sunnynook road. Haven't found a better curry place.


chapati on lincoln road is pretty good actual indian instead of westernised indian!


Ok, well it's not on the Snore, so that's a start (I moved to the city this year after 15 years over the bridge and have immediately become the most outrageous of city snobs, haha). Actual Indian, vs westernised Indian.... enlighten me my man, what's the difference? I'm intrigued.


Westernised indian: sweet, tasteless, fatty curries Actual indian: tasty curries. All there is to it. A trick is that if you think butter chicken is a proper curry, you're better off in a very westernized place.

yeah thats it exactly tho a good authentic butter chicken is a completely different thing to a mall or bad indian restaurant. But yeah if its got cream in it then its not a proper curry!

Hmm, because it would have gone off in the Indian heat?


Well, I don't think you'd ever be able to get a butter chicken curry in India. Not one that tastes anything like the ones you'd get at the local malls foodcourt. That doesn't mean I don't like them, I'd have one of those any day over a McDs. But i've always appreciated authentic cuisine, whatever it is. So this place in Sunnynook, it's what you'd call a real Indian restaurant? What would be your fav dish there?


I usually get the Saag Gosht, which is a spinach-lamb curry with a yogurt base. I would recommend takeaways even though they have a full restaurant; for the same price you get much more with takeaways. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday you can get a curry and naan for $13, or a specialty naan like a garlic naan for $14. Otherwise, a main curry is about $14/$14.50 and a specialty naan is $3.50 I believe. For example, we can usually stretch the one curry and naan between two people, but when dining in the quantity was smaller so we would have to get two. I usually get the medium and don't find it too hot, but I don't actively seek to eat the hottest thing possible. The place also does occasionally give average curries(about 1 in 8 times I'd say), and every now and then you get something which is divine(about 1 in 5 times). I've never had a bad curry. I'm not saying this place is the best place ever, but I actively like to try different curry places and haven't been able to find one better; everything is either too greasy(you can feel the greasiness coating your mouth after finishing the meal), too sweet, or has barely any meat. The lamb they use is of decent quality and is prepared well. Worth a try anyhow. If you try it, please let me know what you thought of it.


There's nothing worse than having insufficient meat in a curry. How the hell any restaurant can expect repeat custom by disappointing it's clients is beyond me. Yet this has happened to me on a number of occasions. Perhaps I'm just greedy!

Yes definitely annoying. You're paying $14.50 or so for a curry, naan and rice and for them to cheap out so much on the chicken is a bit disrespectful imo.


There's a place, Namaste, just down the road from me... And I make a pretty kick ass Beef curry... I might have to file away this suggestion for the next time I'm in Auckland. Speaking of which, is there a fireworks display in Auck for Guy Fawkes? I mean, you probably know how I feel about fireworks in general, and to be completely contrary I may be buying several hundred dollars of them this year, but it's for the movie, not for me, per se, but we'll be up there for a party, and if it blows I might just say we're heading back to Hams, and find a decent fireworks display. Shhh....

Haha! Of course, of course... I'll keep you informed, there's going to be plenty.


Masala in Titirangi

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