Discussing :: If you could get a "hall pass" to cheat with one celebrity A-lister, who would it be?


If you could get a "hall pass" to cheat with one celebrity A-lister, who would it be?

From a survey here's the winners, No real surpises apart from 3rd in the mens but he's worth $30 billion.

For Women: 1/ Gosling 2/ Clooney 3/ Zuckerberg 4/ Pitt
Fro Men: 1/ Perry 2/ Rihanna 3/ Kunis 4/ Hayek

Personally too many hot women to have a clear winner but as I'm a huge sports fan I'd probably be content (twist my arm) with Maria Sharapova.

From this woman's perspective, if we are talking eye candy : Hate Gosling, love Clooney, hate Zuckergerg, love Pitt
If we are talking sex it's a whole different bag. Ask any woman - appeal is not based purely on how a guy looks, e.g. Hugh Laurie, Martin Clunes are both considered very sexy by lots of women!


hmm for me would have to be

steph gilmore (surfer girl) prob all time favourite

zooey deschenel

katy perry up there


sage erikson link for all the photo shoot

or sally fitzgibbon link for all the photo shoot

man you like your fit surfie chicks. How does Paige Hareb compare to these girls?

yeah its hard to argue with the looks tho!

not too into paige you can tell she is a naki girl haha )


Definetly Jessica Alba! who is the star of my fantasy's and so FN sexy it's not funny.
My girlfriends is Gerard Butler and we always have to go to the movies to see him. Which was cool when he did 300 and Law Abiding Citizen but it sucked when he went through the bad rom-com phase!


Has to Charlize Theron or Scarlett Johansen or Kate Upton or ......geezz this list could go on for ever!
ok Charlize Theron. Sorry Scarlett you would have to be plan B.


hard to say, But i would go with Lea michelle.



I like Gazza's choices. Scarlet and Kate Upton would definitely be up there, but since it says A-lister, so bye bye kate.


Didn’t you guys learn anything watching the movie. Marriage good, cheating bad, BAD, BAD.
Young women as a rule do not like middle-aged men, but middle-aged women are loved by men of all ages.

Hall passes are for kids. l don’t need one, l’m still living my own mid-life crisis. lol

Young women as a rule do not like middle-aged men???? they do if you are famous and have $$$$!!!!

and im not married or middle aged :P haha for the record my girlfriend looks very much like steph gilmore too tho prob a bit hotter i reckon


.....I know this is the guys forum but....can I play....please....mine are not A-listers per se but so what my picks would definitely be Italian actor Raoul Bova and then Swedish actor Alexander Skaarsgard......I feel all warm and fuzzy now....lol with a big grin on my face


Just to add my two cents, from a 30 something female view mr liam neeson all the way - whats a 20 year age gap??

....use to think Liam Neeson was a sexier older guy....until I saw him in the clash of the titans remake....lol....YAWN!!!!

please don't dash my dreams!!! ;)


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