Discussing :: How do you drink your whisky?


How do you drink your whisky?

Having been a lover of fine whiskey and really only drink it neat/on the rocks or sometimes with coke I have discovered mixes especially 'Mule.' Always use a high quality whisky like Makers Mark. I would encourage all Frank readers to use the Features, Coctail Recipes for a comprehensive, all-you-need guide to drink mixes and ideas.


I don't get much of a chance to drink whisky but when I do its watered down with coke or with ginger ale.


Mainly on the rocks. i really want to try out those rock cubes you freeze so when you put them in your drink they chill it but dont melt or dilute it.


on the rocks pure and simple and drinking it before the ice all melts ruins the taste


Lots of ice and good quality ginger ale


with ginger ale or sometimes on the rocks


On the rocks - almost.


I mix whiskey with coke . I can't drink it by itself actually i can't drink any spirits straight it is too strong for me.


Straight with no ice - the best way to appreciate the flavour.


Have been enjoying it with gingerbeer or gingerale (depending on what's in the fridge) and a bit of lime. Not bad at all. Refreshing for summer.


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