Discussing :: have you thought about getting a NUC?


have you thought about getting a NUC?

How's your NUC?

NUC - Next Unit of Computing.

These are small boxes, literally the size of a decent book with more of a square shape. They can come with wifi and lan connections, no cd drives (sorry - this is the way of the future), USB , HDMI , audio ports.

For about $400 you can get one of these and all you need is a keyboard, mouse, monitor (if your existing monitor doesn't support HDMI, you can get adapters that convert from VGA to HDMI or DVI to HDMI), and the know-how or a friend that can install windows or an alternative operating system on a hard drive. Some of these come with hard drives and some don't. Read the specifications carefully. Some of the NUCs have infrared - I'm guessing for remote control support. If any of you have tried a NUC and set it up as a media box I'm keen to know and see about how you have yours setup.

If you're after a media device or just a basic internet PC, then these make for a good option. They haven't really been pushed out through the major channels to my knowledge (consumer stores like DSE, Noel Lemmings, etc).

Some examples of NUCs:



I already have one called a thin client. Its fanless and basically silent. Only disadvantage is that they are not upgradeable like a normal computer and the specifications are lower than a computer.


Never even heard of these until now.


Can you watch TV on demand programs on this device? Hope so.


I couldn't see why that wouldn't be possible , If it is basicly a portable computer than it should be able to watch those


Thinking about this for my home multi-media server


Not a good option for my computing requirements.


Did not know they existed but a great idea


I'm a dinosaur because I don't know anything about these things.

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