Discussing :: Has anyone tried the new Jim Bean Flavor?


Has anyone tried the new Jim Bean Flavor?

Any feedback?

Its yummy. I like it straight myself. Mixed with cola it takes on a crunchie bar kinda flavour - very sweet, nice

Jim Beam (sp) is the best whiskey that is available. With the Triple Aged, Honey and Devils Cut there is a rich choice of flavours. The care taken in the production of the whiskey and the attention to the construction of the casks along with the aging process ensure that the brew is perfect. Love it straight, on the rocks and with coca cola.

no would love to!

Thought let you know It BEAM not BEAN!


Yes it's really nice - they were giving out tastings at the airport recently. Have to be careful what you mix it with. They were putting it with ginger ale and is was a lovely summery drink. Especially if you added some mint too...

hahaha giving out tastings at the airport , bet the main people drinking the tastings were the pilots


How about trying “Jim Beam® Honey N' Bourbon Mustard” Ingredients: Vinegar, Sugar, Mustard Seed, Water, Honey, Slat, White Wine, Jim Beam Bourbon, Canola Oil, Natural Flavorings, Spices, Cayenne Pepper, Turmeric, Citric and Tartaric Acid, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate. This is no joke, be great for the Hot Dog or BBQ Food. Should try mixing a little in with Tomato Sauce, now we are talking.


Whats the best mixer to go with this??


I think dry ginger ale or a little soda water would be good with it. Either that or just have it on the rocks. It sounds pretty good though, I'l have to give it a try.


The new Jim Beam Honey Flavour would be a great marinade on chicken. A bit of a waste but it would be a great boozey dinner-BBQ.

Jim Beam and Honey should be a 'can't do without' item in every mature person's medicine cabinet especially now - Bring on Winter & Jim Beam Toddies. Flu/Cold what's That?


No.. But I Am Hoping too, I have had the wild turkey honey and it was delicious..... Not A drink to pound back all night but good for the winter nights... Im looking forward to trying it soon.


Haven't tried it but think it would be great winter medicine for colds and flu

Would be great medicine for colds and flu as the more you drink the more you will forget that you were sick.


No but sounds really yummy. I'd mix with gingerale. Can imagine having a little bit for a tickly throat over winter too. Most cough and cold medicines are alcohol based so this will do the trick fine and as a bonus is honey flavoured too, just like traditional cough and cold medicines. Everything in moderation though - just a few sips!


I'm going to have to try this next time I'm in the mood for a drink, sounds interesting and I do love Jim Beam.

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