Discussing :: Hand razor or electric shaver?


Hand razor or electric shaver?

What is your preference? I've always used an electric shaver... it may not give the closest shave but it's less hassle with less chance of cutting yourself.


Hand razor, I have used my gilette for years and it still works well


A mate at work was trying to convince me to get a cutthroat razor (think old western). I told him I didn't have a spare half hour in the morning making sure I wasn't going to slice my head off from my neck.


Have always used Hand Razor, got no complaints.


Definitely a hand razor for a smooth finish- electric for a quick fix.


Swiss army shaver+phone Photo...


Electric if you're in a hurry. But a razor for a cleaner shave. My brothers a barber so dude knows what hes doing with a cut throat. So they ain't too bad either.


I prefer to shave with a hand razer because it gets a nicer shave. But then again if im in a hurry its faster to use the electric razer, and the blades are exspensive for hand razers


I use an electric shaver for my head because if I shave it, it becomes shiny and I am not a fan of that look.


Hand Razor for sure. I hate the half finished feel you get after using an electric. Time saving be damned.


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