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Not sure if this topic exists or not but watched an awesome movie so thought id share: The Baader-meinhoff Complex - its about the terrorists in german thru the 60s early 70s really really interesting and makes you think alot. Probably not first date material and it is in German as well but worth watching for sure

Contagion, a must see, and great actors. Aboutt time a decent movie!!


Just caught PJ20 last night at the flicks. It chronicles 20 years of Pearl Jam and all the trials and tribulations that went with it. I'm a bit of a Pearl Jam freak so I was completely into it, but for the casual observer or fan I felt there's something there to enjoy...


I lived in Germany as a child and still have memories of the heightened security around airports and train stations. It was the first time I remember seeing policemen carrying sub machine guns. Oh, "Paul" with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. Saw it last night. I enjoyed it, although it wasn't as good as Shaun of the Dead. Something about taking British comedy and transposing it to am American setting? Not sure, but it definitely had that Hollywood twang about it...


very different movie but watched "the other guys" absolutely hilarious. Well we thought so some might find it a bit immature!


Zombieland! I thought it was going to be lame but it turned out to be really good. Funny with action as well, great movie.


Some things to try in your movie time: - Foreign section (try Asian martial arts type films and Bollywood). **Bollywood movies I recommend include "3 idiots" and "Munnabhai M.B.B.S." **Asian movies I recommend include Fearless (with Jet Li), Old Boy (Korean movie). Red Cliff (there's a #1 and #2), Initial D(car drift racing movie), Ip Man (there's a #1 and #2..I recommend #1 - martial arts movie). You might be hard pressed to find some of the above movies but they're well worth it IMO. - OTHER movies I have liked include: It's All Gone Pete Tong (DJ movie). With foreign movies it can take a bit of getting used to. Remember that you're viewing another culture. Some people can 'get it' instantly and I guess foreign movies aren't for everyone.

The Ip Man movies are badass. Good recommendations JohnGx.

i borrowed Big Fish of my parents. Love that movie. Such a great Story.

Into The Wild: love this movie. So much to take out of it. I made my Girlfriend watch it and she was thoroughly underwhelmed with it due to the fact that it "didn't have a happy ending!"

To paraphrase her " Tim, if it doesn't have the words 'Rom' or 'Com' associated with it, I'm not interested." Fuck my Life!!

Working my way through the Godfather Trilogy also. Good times. Al Pacino is the man. "Make Him an offer he can't refuse."

...Yes I remember watching Ip Man it was unreal...my bf and his mates were talking about it and one of his friends were able to get their hands on a copy and was well worth the watch....another one I ended up watching with the men in the man cave was blood and bone...which I also found rather enjoyable....and the fighting scenes were pretty brutal....thankfully we watched a comedy after that....and all was good in the world.....


Yes, Dawn of the living dead. Scary and funny. classic.


I LOVE movies - not really fussy, but loved 'Låt den rätte komma in' (Swedish and I'm not usually into subtitled films) - think it might have been ruined by the remake. Also Pan's Labyrinth. Anything Funny or Horror suits me:)


Speaking of movies, Limitless and Hangover 2 star Bradley Cooper has been named People magazine's sexiest man alive!!! The rumour is he's now tapping Jennifer Lopez-J Lo-J Anthony-J Booty-Jenny from the hood- whatever she's called now. Good to see he's finally getting some quality Trim for a change :)

Would probably twist a few ladies (and some men) arms on Getfrank?

....quality trim? she's Jenny from the block....lol....Bradley Cooper and J Lo hope she doesn't start dressing him up like she did with Ben Affleck....lol she started making him look like a Hip Hop mogul....


I went and saw The Inbetweeners last week and loved it! I'd seen the trailer on tv and thought it looked good - a bit of a British coming of age version of the Hangover. I found out right before I went in it was a really popular TV series in the UK, been running for ages. Anyway the flick is a good laugh - totally immature. [youtube]http://youtu.be/h5FshCIq7b4[/youtube]

The programme does play here too. That's how I knew I would love the movie (which I did). Cant remember what time or what channel though, or if it is on at the moment. Think it was about 10.30pm. Find I keep shouting "I've lost my glasses" whenever something goes wrong at work (complete with fake british accent!)

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