Discussing :: Funny T-shirts - do you wear them?


Nah they make you look like a cock!


Like my t-shirts to non fun themes, have their place I suppose.


only if they advertise beer or have a logo on them of the brewery. I have a few Tui shirts and Speights got from my local watering hole.


I think they are mainly for younger people but the kids love it when the old farts wear something amusing. Wear the old ones for doing the lawns, painting or for bed. The best t-shirt I have seen said "meat is murder. tasty, tasty murder"!


I don't, but do enjoy reading some of them. All about time and place I guess.


i dont. i think theres an age limit on some of them. some give the impression that cheap and printed go together, the price of some is too much


Gotta say, some funny T-shirts are REALLY inappropriate for fathers... my dad has worn some of mine, not even getting the joke...... *awkward moments*


There are some great funny T-shirts but a lot are quite crude - might be funny in the right circumstances and the right people but the thing with T-shirts is that everyone sees them - not just the people who would find it funny. And some t-shirts are downright offensive. Personally I wouldn't wear a t-shirt like this unless it was cutesy funny but that's just me.


There is a time and place where they are acceptable..


There cute on kids eg: I'm cuter than you and I know it and I love my mummy. I Love those ones


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