Discussing :: Funny T-shirts - do you wear them?


I only wear mine around the house, I dont really think there apropriate any where else


I have quite afew funny shirts and I wear them out and about with no shame ;) One of them has "now that's what a call a happy meal" with a picture of two people in the 69 position! gets afew comments especially from my nana ha!


I remember 'meeting' a girl who was wearing a plain white T. But I could make out some tiny lettering on her left breast. After a while I seized my opportunity, loomed in closer, squinted and saw it said: 'STOP STARING AT MY BREASTS'. Certainly broke the ice.


I love funnt T shirts, and man talk about the looks u sumtimes get!! lol.


yeah i wear them


Around the house or to bed


if i wore them they would be shirts from the asdf comic (free online comic)....seriously they are hilarious...!


Yup, I wore my Funny T-shirts, specially when Im on casual days... it brings the humour in me, lol, and I love seeing others staring and reading what is in my T-shirs... but most of all, seeing them with a smile afterwards... Cheers and Happy Holidays Frank and all!


Bring them out for the Christmas feast, should put a smile or royal scowl on your grandma's face, lol.


I only wear them around the house

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