Discussing :: Funny T-shirts - do you wear them?


i did wear them when younger - but not now. People still seem to point and laugh at me regardless


I used to wear funny tshirts but got fed up with random people coming up to me and commenting on them. Just coz ive got a funny t shirt on doesnt mean i want to have a conversation with everyone who can read it


funny T shirts I'm about to chuck all mine away and revert to plan T shirts or polo.


My daughters gave me a couple of T-shirts last Christmas, "shopaholic" and "chocoholic" on the other. Still wear them around the house, why wouldn't you


Yeah at home. But out in public..nah..not really. Some people are just too sensitive nowadays.


i usually wear them if the kids buy them for me for xmas,birthdays etc


I saw on on a biker once that went past me, it said 'if you can read this, the bitch fell off"


The most innappropriate T-Shirt I have ever seen said "Relax! dont turn this rape into a murder"


Not at all.. I like plain tees with small logos . not a fan of loud clothing


I hate them and especailly young girls with this like "don't look at me" type stuff on them.


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