Discussing :: Funny T-shirts - do you wear them?


Really? My t-shirt makes me look like an old man? I find that hard to believe...


Ralph- i'm special (with picking his nose) ahahah =)


Ha, will have to get rid of my BadJoker t-shirt.


What fascinates me is that people actually read or look my shirt! With people always on the go...like busy-busy-busy...i assume that they will not stop and pay attention to what's written on my shirt. So i guess, this is good because it makes people stop for a while and have a grin or better yet a smile to make their day.


I don't wear a lot of clothing with text/images, but the few I do often get comments. My fave that I don't own says "there are only 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who don't" :)


I've got this tee and I like it, it's subtle though I guess.


I don't like them. They make girls look silly I reckon, don't wear your heart on your chest, wear it on your sleeve.


I once had a really cool black t-shirt that had BARBIE is a slut written on it in Silver. The only problem is that once i wore it out to the pub and then on came that song " i'm a Barbie girl" lol - I was enjoying my self anyway so what the heck lol. I do think funny t-shirts are quite cool :)


What about funny Christmas Boxer Shorts For Men, would you wear them if you received them as a gift. Me, not likely. Check out the website http://www.squidoo.com/christmas-boxer-shorts-for-men


Some shirts you see people wearing are highly inappropriate in my opinion and the 'jokes' are a poor attempt at humour or are just plain offensive. Personally I wouldn't wear anything of that nature. The general public including children are subjected to to these shirts and it's just not right at all... there should be restrictions put in place regarding the content.

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