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Funny T-shirts - do you wear them?

With Fathers Day coming up I bet theres those kids buying their poor Dad some funny sayings t-shirt. One year for Xmas I got one saying (as obviously I love my fishing) Master Baiter. It was funny for a second but did he think I was really going to wear it in public. Maybe under my bush shirt. Do you have a great funny saying t-shirt that you are proud to wear or do you prefer not to have people reading your chest.

Nope, I think they are tacky

well, honestly I have no idea about this thing and that is why I am currently planning to buy shirts and Purple men's suits since I love purple and my husband loves it too but of course this is for him.


I have one that has an arrow pointing to the right and says "he likes the c@ck"


Nah, they can make you look like a 'winner' but not in the Charlie Sheen way. I tend to stick to basic Sports wear and my mighty Hurricanes shirts, they will win it one year.


I used to wear these but now its kind of lost its buzz, I guess if you have the kind of dad that would wear them that's cool but as a rule I wouldn't buy them for myself. This does draw me to the idea, why do they put writing on chicks shirts right across there chest? If ya walking through the mall and ya see something you go to read it and BAM! your instantly busted for staring at their breasts. I think its a scam to get guys in trouble, any thoughts? lol


I didn't wear anything like this for years, but I recently found threadless.com and now I have a few. My rule is they need to need no explanation, and you need to be able to understand them instantly. And preferably for them to be funny. My favorite says "JUST SAY NO, to negativity" I like threadless because I never see anyone wearing the same shirts as me, ever.


I love funny t.shirts but not tacky ones... there is definitely a fine line!!


My mate also had one that had like this big speech on the front and had these two dots and if you grabbed the dots and pulled them together the tshirt actually read out something offensive that i cant even remember.


I have a t-shirt that has a stickman icon of a doctor that says " I'm not a gynacalogist... but I'll take a look". It drives my missus up the wall, so i only wear it when in the garden. One day i know it's gonna 'disappear' mysteriously.

Tim, there are some things that should remain as little cartoons passed around the internet. That doesn't just cross the fine line between what's tacky and what's not, it actively blasts it out of the water.


I use to have them, mist be lying somewhere in the house..


I think these are great for kids and young people but anyone over 30 should avoid like the plague - you will only look like a sad old man trying to be 'down' with the kids!

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