Discussing :: Food that i LOVE.


Food that i LOVE.

Chicken & FISH :-)


rice! rice! its good for you and eat it with anything you want.


A premium bacon and egg pie and trumpet icecream at lunchtime.




Thai food for sure


I have just discovered salmon - the real 'not canned' stuff - oh my! with salt and pepper and lemon juice nom nom nom! How sad that something i consider decadent is actually good for me:( kind of defeats the purpose!


Salmon and prawns are my ultimate fav! In sushi they're even more scrumptious! Food orgasm!! :D


Cheese cake and i haven't had it in forever due to my diet... and i miss it like a severed limb


Seafood but anything I don't have to cook!!!!


My fav is a nice bit of steak cooked rare


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