Discussing :: Favourite way to have your Appletons (or other) rum?


In a Caipirinha while eating churasco at Wildfire. Real man food and a kick arse drink to go with it.


With pure coke , the drink not the drug that is.


With good friends


I have been drinking with different cultures, they are very shocked that us NZ'ers use coke etc, I would love this on the rocks withs lots of ice


This is such a simple question, Favourite way to have my Appletons is in my tummy getting me seriously mucked up. Rum is such a happy drink, Happy Happy Happy, Joy Joy Joy bring on the Appletons so we can all get F**ked up!!!!


The Painkiller Appleton Estate Rum up to 4 ounces (do the pain scale 1 being low, 10 being horrific) 4 parts pineapple juice 1 part orange juice 1 part coconut cream Shake quickly Pour into medicinal glass Commence prescription Get well soon


A rum like Appletons is best enjoyed neat but if you are going to mix it up a well made Mojito on a summers afternoon is hard to beat...


Appleton or any other rum, just the tradional way of lots of rocks (ice)... and for ladies, maybe with some Cola... and best of all, drink with mates... Cheers!


straight, sipped slowly, so as to truly appreciate the full bodied flavour . . .


I used to have it straight with ice or with coke but have been having it with gingerale or gingerbeer and a splash of roses lime juice and lots of ice. lemonade is surprisingly good too. love getting older and trying whatever's in the cupboard instead of thinking 'I only drink my rum with coke' - one upside to ageing!

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