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Favourite Restaurants

Doesnt seem to be one of these topics round. But surely people have favourites that they keep going back to doesnt have to be fancy just somewhere worth trying! For me both of mine would be in auckland city

Tanukis Cave -yakitori/sake bar on queen st awesome atmosphere and great food can take a while to get food tho as you cant book.

The other would be
El Faros in elliot stables Awesome tapas went there for a friends birthday ended up going back a couple of month later for mine and any excuse inbetween

My favourite seems to change over time...right now it's KK Malaysia on Manukau Rd in Epsom, Auckland....AMAZING Malaysian food...the heat of the beef rendang will kick your a$$ but in a good way, just like all good curries should...

The atmosphere and service is definitely NOT suave....which actually makes it feel even more authentic lol...and the food makes up for it.

Reasonable price...definitely recommend the beef rendang...and if your a vege or a lady then go for the KK Eggplant special...hate to admit it but it's pretty bloody good...


Well, my other post on yum char restaurants bombed, so I'll just join you in here. Is that Sake place the one next to the comedy club just down from Mayoral Drive?


yeah thats the one down the stairs


I just walked past there last night on the way home from the film festival. I peered down the stairs to see a young Japanese couple, obviously totally legless, attempting to make their way back up to ground level... A good sign. I'll try it out this weekend.


yeah be warned the food is cheap tho is a $15 per person minimum
but you will pay and pay dearly for alcohol haah


If I'm correct, this is the place that has around 100 different types of Sake to sample. I went there about ten years ago apparently but remember nothing of the occasion. Another good sign, I suppose...


yeah thats the one haha


Anyone in Wellington? Heaps of good places participating in Wellington on a Plate. Yum!


Some cool sounding events too, though heaps are already booked out.


Logan brown might be worth a look, they've a burger called Fawn and Fungi a special venison offer during Wgtn on a plate.

that sounds epic i might have to make a version at home have a couple of nice venison steaks in the freezer bit of cheesy sauce maybe a slice of fried tomatoe and some onions to finish it off

Yup, Would definitely recommend going to Wellington on a plate events.
I went to the Khandallah Monteiths bar on Monday for 2-4-1s and got the burger, wild boar venison and some really nice aioli and relish (or something like that). Such a good deal when you get the 2-4-1s as well.
I've heard good things about St Johns bars entry also.

ManChef it. I'm having this weird analog flashback. Something neanderthal about hunting...


This is a great one for treating someone special. Boulcott Street Bistro has four-course tasting menu plus two glasses of Wellington regional wine for $65 sounds like a deal to me.


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