Discussing :: Favourite beer?


SPEIGHTS! Steinlager gives me alsorts of internal troubles.


For the purpose of this competition I would have to say SPEIGHTS!!! But there are sooooo many great beers and sooo little time. Trying them all would be one hell of an achievement but I'm up for it. Recently I have been wading my way through the IPA (Indian Pale Ale) section of beerland and I must admit that I have been tempted to stay on this roundabout for a long time. IPA's are a beer with flavour, body and aftertaste. I suggest any male with at least two hairs on his chest should give it a go, in fact any woman with two hairs on her chest should aswell!!


Boundry Rd Brewery IPA or Kiwi Ale are well worth trying.


The past couple years, I have steered away from the beer I used to drink, and now I tend to buy a different brand everytime. This way I can sample what there is to offer out in the beer world, and narrow down the choices that fit me, Stella Artios has captured my taste, so when I go out, I tend to purchase them, but when its at home by myself, or with mates around, that is when I tend to go outside the box and try new and interesting types and flavours


Just to be really "suave" - really depends on what I'm eating with it!


Has to be Speights!


I usually drink Tui but also enjoy corona along with a few others like Stella Artois.


As to my last comment,, I used to love Fosters then I changed to Speight's but being on a tight budget cannot have it as much as I would like to and some of those cheaper beers are hard to swallow.


Every test match in Dunedin gets a trip from us lads to get a wee 'lock-in' at the pub for a long weekend (except for when the locals ferry us to the game and back) and the Speights overflows


Just discovered the wonderful kereru brewery, operating out of Upper Hutt. Wonderful brews, particularly the tasty 'Hop to It'.


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