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Drink or drive

Seems like the message is gettin through but still a few numbskulls out there runnin the gauntlet......be responsible


Still see some idiots out there doing it but have to say that numbers look to have dropped


Why would you drink and drive when the penalties far exceed the cost of alternative transport? Take public transport, a taxi, Dial a Driver, or get a sober friend to give you a lift. It's not that hard people.


Only the real idiots drink and drive. There is always going to be the very very small minority who will never heed good advice or common sense.


If in doubt get a taxi


No excuses for drinking and driving, at Christmas or any other time.


I DON'T drink so I DON'T need to worry when I drive thanks...:)


I think the younger generation are much more sensible about not drink driving. great to see


What I believe is helping to reduce the number of drunk drivers is the fact the alcohol limit has been lowered. I hope that less people are willing to take the risk, and get behind the wheel after a couple of drinks, because if they get stopped, they have a higher risk of failing the breath test.


only idiots drink and drive, always ends up being the innocent one that gets hurt or worse.


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