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Does your woman style you

Heard a bit on the radio about Kanye West chucking out and reinventing Kim Kardashians's wardrobe for her and how controlling that was of him, but as the presenters pointed out lots of women try and do that with their man and buy his clothes for him. My wife gave up years ago of wasting our money on what she thinks I should wear and we usually shop together for my clothes as I appreciate her opinion but I still want to have my own style. Have you ever worn anything just to please her even though you've hated it


well i am the wife, and yes i always style my man, because frankly excuse the pun, he has not got a clue when it comes to fashion or looking good, any old thing would do him, he is quite happy for me to do so, and gets nice comments on how he looks, so i feel i am doing a pretty good job so far, he is nice and tall and lean, so it does make my job easier, so yes i am more than happy to be take the job on and have been doing so for over 20 years,he complains he has more clothes than he knows what to do with,not bad for a man who used to live in one pair of old tatty stained jeans.


I've tried to style him but some people are just beyond dress sense and caring. Found its worked in reverse and dressing more and more casual like a true Kiwi all the time.


No, i can honestly say that my wife has never tried to change who i am or how i dress, and i have given her the same respect. We were who we were when we met and had we not have liked it we would not have been attracted to each other. In saying this, there are some habits i would not mind breaking, like please do not brush your hair over the basin, finding long strands there when i go to brush my teeth is not appealing at all.


Yeah she does a little bit. I have no idea what looks good. If it weren't for her I would always be in shorts and a singlet in summer and a hoodie and jeans in winter.


Of course she has an opinion but I still do my own thing in the end. At the end of the day I want to feel comfortable being me and not what she thinks I should be.


Ha, not only my wife but now my daughters have grown up they all put there ten cents worth in as well, geez. Must admit sometimes it is a good idea to run it past them before making the wrong purchase.


Not all the time but always nice to get a second opinion rather than believing the "that looks great!" drivel from the shop assistant!


yup wife children grandchildren style style style me silly


The key os to let them think they are styling you so they are happy. You can do this by getting them to choose from a few options that you've picked out.


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