Discussing :: Does New Zealand have it's own mens skincare manufacturers?


Does New Zealand have it's own mens skincare manufacturers?

I'd like to buy local. Are there any mens skincare and grooming brands that are NZ owned? I mean a true Kiwi brand epitomising the needs of the NZ bloke? If not, why not? Any takers? I'll do the biz dev, brand dev and distribution, you provide the knockout products. Whaddaya say?

Try http://www.skinfood.co.nz/ natural and local. They do guys and gals products.

I'd be interested to talk to you about biz/brand/distribution of NZ movies if you'd be inclined though.

Hmmmmm, interesting. My contact details are on my profile. I hope that's ok Frank!

They are? I can't see them. Wait... I'm nothing if not resourceful... bet I can find you myself.... :)


http://primalearth.co.nz/ these guys do a bit not all mens but not bad product tho the shave foam leaves a bit to be desired!

Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out. I like the name, slightly neanderthal and politically incorrect. Does it smell nice?


typical nz i have manuka in me aroma haha but its not too bad smells better than soaps and the like

Shame, I find that tea tree skincare products smell like petrol. I've tried Living Nature, not exactly for men, but the flax seed and Manuka smell puts me off. We need a really cool local mens brand. Someone help me set one up!


Obviously you could use a facial scrub and still be manly if it's made from mud. http://www.parrsskincare.com/mud-for-men-skincare.cfm

My skin is dry enough as it is. Anything with mud would just exacerbate that.


Oh, I forgot to mention that Skinfood is available in supermarkets. I used to get it from Countdown (I think it was) but I believe they have it in New World now too. The moisturizer smells like oranges. Whoa - for a second there I thought I was in the Chelsey forum. [youtube] [/youtube]


My skin was manufactured by Mum and Dad at home in their bedroom I believe - and they did a bloody good job


We use skinfood a lot as it's a great gender neutral smell, primal earth has great products and while evolu doesn't do a specific men's range their moisturisers tend to smell of fruit rather than flowers which is great. Great specials at farmers and on evolu's website to help bring the cost down ;O)


No matter what type you get, always request for a small sample first to prevent unintentional red blotchy skin on using a new product.. try it first!


I reckon there is a growing market out there for mens stuff that smells manly without being overboard so that fellas can look after themselves better


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