Discussing :: Does Drinking Whisky on the Rocks make you appear more refined and sophisticated to the ladies?


Does Drinking Whisky on the Rocks make you appear more refined and sophisticated to the ladies?

Now that I have well and truely established myself into my 30's I have taken to drinking scotch whisky on the rocks. My partner often tells me that if I was a bachelor and partaking in this activity in bars and clubs that I would be on the receiving end of some positive attention from the ladies and that the practice of scotch drinking is far sexier than swilling copious amounts of beer!

As I am not single and wish to remain not single I am yet to test this theory out so I was hoping there was somebody out there that could confirm that the ladies do indeed find a whisky drinker desireable.

Can anybody help?


As a lady (hmmmnnn) - well just of the female sex - I do think it is more refined and sophisticated absolutely because:
a) you have money to afford such a think, b) you have better taste than as above says about "swilling beer", and c) you can sit on it for a while - and you are less inclined to bolt down too many....hopefully.


Maybe to the uneducated ladies....if you're paying good coin for top shelf aged single malt, you shouldn't go and ruin it with ice that is probably unfiltered and will dilute and corrupt the original flavor and sharpness. If anyone tells you anything else, tell them it's a drink for a true individual which will only add to your sophistication. Add a highland tweed jacket to help master the 'look' of true refinement and pickup factor.


As a Lady I think yes We are more refined and sophisticated People who like to drink this way but any drink makes men and women feel bullet proof and we can score tonight lol..... LOVE drinking Like this nice on a winters night


Maybe, maybe not. But are you really looking for a woman who would be so easily impressed?


No I think drinking Southern Comfort Lime, wink ;) wink ;) Get Frank, definetly make you refined and sophisticated to the sexy trim!


Only if that lady is a gold digger! Lmao!


if u believe it then it is so! you will soon find a lady who agrees!


Whatever rocks your boat. If you are confident and friendly in front of them, I don't think the choice of beverage matters.


I think only the ladies can answer this question. I drink scotch with dash of water but i don;t drink it to be refined and sophisticated. Its the only drink I can drink a lot of and stay on my feet.


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