Discussing :: Does chivalry exist in our modern society???????


Does chivalry exist in our modern society???????

Am curious as to others views on this, I opened a door for an older lady the other day whilst in town shopping, a group of young males(guessing around 16-18 yr olds), walked past, one quite loudly said straight to me,and I quote.."Faggot", they all laughed and carried on. I closed the door behind her, went after them, caught up, and said to the one with the mouth(but alas, no brains), hey mate, im not gay, just have respect for others, especially those older than ourselves, i guess unlike yourself, I've not long been home from working overseas, and wat i was doing there wasnt very nice, just wanted you to know that i killed people, if neccessary, for a living, and a wee pissant like yourself isnt even worth me breakin a sweat over, so you should really be a lot more careful who you direct your abuse at because if i had been in a bad mood, you would not be standing here, but in intensive care, you twat. but anyways, got me thinkin,,,,are we raising a generation of THAT??????? i sure hope im wrong, but gut tells me otherwise, any thoughts greatly appreciated, have an awesome day and take care out there, peace all


Simple answer is no, chivalry does not exist in our world today. I feel and from what I have seen and been told every man for themselves. The children of today enter a totally different world to what I did 60 yrs ago, Computers color tvs everything at their disposal.I could start on in my day but I think that has been done to death.Chivalry is dead may it rest in peace.


very rarely does chivalry exisit. even holding the door for someone who is walking behind you is apparently super hard to do these days, and yet, its really really not hard. Even just having manners doesn't seem to happen


Does respect of our fellow man (or woman) exist?? I'm old enough to have been raised with the motto 'respect ones elders' never really understood until i was old enough to start asking intelligent questions. I wish that chivalry would make a graceful return but i sorely doubt it.


All men at my work hold the door for a woman or let the woman go first. So simple, yet so nice. Those teenagers just have really bad examples at home, so they don't have a clue about manners.


I got shot down in flames by a "women" when I opened a door for her. She call me a male chauvanist amoungst other things. Moral of the story is don't open a door for a "women" who has a shorter haircut the you! hehehehehee

sounds like a right nutter


If I were to view my own life and actions I would say yes, but not to the degree it used to exist. Then I look at other males and their actions and feel bloody ashamed of how far we have fallen. But we also have to take into account "does a ladies grace exist in our modern society?" Stories like the ones above don't surprise me, and I see a lot of women who feel the need to act more dominant than males so opening the door for them is a big no-no. Then I see all the real tarts who come into my bar thinking they're hotter than microwaved shit and they don't inspire me to be a gentleman at all. If some women (not all are like this) would respect themselves more then I would definitely feel the need to respect them more. I always try to be a gentleman, but when you don't have women who inspire and no men who lead by example it becomes easy to slip into bad habits. The other week I found myself describing a woman as "a real slag" to a friend in conversation and felt really ashamed afterwards. I only hope we're heading back to a place where chivalry is the cool thing to do. I certainly have noticed how much women appreciate it when you escort them home on your arm and then don't ask to come inside, or holding the door open for them.


I think it does sometimes, not often though these days. When it comes to a pregnant woman on a bus, alot of the time she gets ignored in society, I think it's just people don't think. My ultimate hate is when Old people are standing and some 16 years old in sitting on a seat with a bag on the seat next to him. maybe it's just where I live, maybe I need to move. But to me this is the ultimate insult


Chivalry isn't dead, it lives on in a select few. I try to be a gentleman and hold doors open etc but sometimes I do forget as hardly anyone else does the same.


History is full of examples of colossal assholes. Every generation has them. There appears to be no cure for it. But each generation also produces some really good people, who will go out of their way, to be of help, to be encouraging. We have the concept of paying it forward, and I think that's what chivalry is all about. We each have strengths and weaknesses. We all have times when we can help, and times when we need help. Best if we can make it more of a normal thing, than a rare occurrence. It's something to model for your children. I saw a lot of that in my parents.

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