Discussing :: Do you prefer your gigs seated or upstanding?


Do you prefer your gigs seated or upstanding?

Is live music best enjoyed seated or standing up? We've an interesting mix of live venues in Wellington ranging from the cavernous and rather unwelcoming TSB Arena to the comfortably-upholstered Michael Fowler Centre. The top gigs seem to be evenly spread across the spectrum. Is it possible to enjoy top acts like Morrissey and Blacklistt from a seated position or should it be standing room only?


It depends on the act. But if they had music to dance to, then definitely standing.


Either or.


Need to stand to get a real feel for it.


Depends on the music and if you are having a few drinks and want to dance!!!


As I'm getting older I prefer to be seated at gigs and I can sit and admire the group properly


Really depends, if its a good dance/head banger then upstanding, if its a middle of the road/opera style then seated


Due to health I always prefer to be able to sit.


I am quite short so can't normally see at standing gigs. Depends on the band, but normally I prefer to sit. For a rock and roll band that I love the songs, I like to be in amongst the mosh pit. That way you can feel a part of the singalong


Standing for me and close to the front!

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