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Do You Believe in Re-Gifting?

...I think I have seen gifts given to one of my brothers and the buggar has regifted them to a family friend who is celebrating Christmas with us before we all go elsewhere for New Year....lol....and the worse thing is I can't believe no one else has noticed what the buggar has done....lol.....I think he knows cause I gave him the look of "what are you thinking"....lol and he just laughed....I think it is half doing so on purpose and the other half is for a good laugh....but because know one has figured it out....except me he gives out giggles whenever he can and I think he really thinks its cool and Suave thing to do...to be honest I did consider giving a gift I have had packed away to my secret Santa at work but changed my mind in the last minute..... ....Did you re-gift, gifts you have been given before on any occasion birthday, Christmas etc?.....

isnt regifting the epitome of modern day recycling? as long as you've not grown it because i think the current government are trying to ban that sort of thing (sharing your crops and seeds) something to do with saving us from pests and diseases


i think i've only re-gifted once or twice ever but i always feel so bad afterwards so i dont do that anymore... it's probably better to sell unwanted gifts than to re-gift them I reckon!

Yes Michael,

I do agree it is better to resell what is not wanted, rather than regift it and give offence. That or as I have done before given it to a charity or club who may use it for raffles or other things. At least someone feels grateful for it.


I guess it also depends how good your memory is, because unless you take serious notes about who gives you what.. you could end up giving it back to the person that gave it to you. Or, someone in the same office/family or whatever, and that is far from suave. Don't be sad, just get them something they'd like


I don't think I could - the guilt would get to me. Even if it's something I am not going to use/don't like I treasure more the fact that the person chose that for me - so then I keep it for ever. Each time I think oh maybe I should do get rid of it I feel bad for not having used/liked it and so pay penance by keeping longer...! I guess that's what sheds are for - stashing guilt in:)


I hate the idea of re-gifting although of course it is a practical thing to do. I guess I want every gift I give to be something that means something to me, that I would like to have myself and that I know the recipient would love. I actually have heaps of stuff that isn't really my bag but these gifts still remind me of the people who gave them to me - and isn't that sort of what it's all about!


....my sister just told me that she bought some CD's for my niece as one of her Christmas prezzies that she opened up in front of us on Christmas day and then when her and the rest of my sisters family went around to have Christmas lunch with my brother in laws parents her daughter had re wrapped and re gifted the same CD's to her cousin of the same age....lol....and gave it to him right in front of them....lets just say my sister wasn't happy but couldn't do much about it because the young guy liked the music....lmao turned out my sister saw a list on my nieces draw thought that was what she wanted and got them but my niece and done the list up of what her cousins on my brother in laws side would want and was working through the list....I thought that was the funniest thing out....now everyone is jokingly calling my sister snoop!.....

must remember that next year - leave strategically placed lists - diamond earrings, spa voucher, holiday, new tv, necklace to go with forementioned earrings, tiara (why the hell not??!!)...

....lol if you mean strategically leaving a note in your own bedroom on your study desk with other books and having your mother come in and look through your stuff....okay.....

Ah true - but then I guess if it was out in the open it wouldn't look so enticing to the passer by!


I'd regift, but I don't get a lot of gifts, really. I often give things away for no event, like in the middle of the year when I'm cleaning out, but I don't do a lot of physical gifts anymore. So much waste and it's not like we need all this crap, obviously, if any of the regifting stories above are anything to go by... :)

If its something you do not need then pass it on,but not for xmas or a birthday,My mother did it at xmas and it was embarrassing.....not a good idea


Yep, I call it 'Gift re-incarnation'. Where the gift you got this year can be re-incarnated into the gift you give someone else next year. I just have to make sure I don't give it to the person who gave it to me originally.

....lol....that is the problem right there you have to remember not to give it to them...lol...label it perhaps so when you go to regift you know who gave it to you, but when you do regift make sure to remove the label....lol

That's when you say 'i loved it so much i thought you'd like one too'!


I'm sure re-gifting is a touch classier than receiving and then selling on Trademe but that's what I'm doing this year.


i'd would never regift. what i usually receive i need anyway. When i give a gift I make sure it has to be eaten or drunk within the holiday period.

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