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Yup, totally ruffles me up & takes a few days to get sorted & into a rymthm


It sure smacks you in the face when it changes over…. only 6 more months till Spring!!


Seem to still wake same time as I was before it changed so get more done early morning, this is good because by starting that hour early I have more time to relax in afternoon


I dont mind it when we put our clocks forward but going back is a killer for me. I think its that we go to bed later than when we were on day light saving time.


Yep feel tired for about two weeks,I guess it's similar to what people feel with jet lag,just not nearly as bad,love the lighter mornings,but hate how early it gets dark.


yeah, i cant stand the change over, i was a real cabbage this year, put my phone back an hour, woke up and my phone said it was 5 o'clock,i rush upstairs to check the clocks,and it was only meant to be 6 o'clock!! Forgot our phones just automatically change!!! So that threw me right out of whack for the whole day!!! Grrrrrr


Worth it for that extra hour in bed.


the extra hours sleep in was good, but shorter days not so good.


Daylight savings needs to be longer! I was in the Goldcoast once and had a huge night on the juice and the bloody sun was up at 4am! OUCH


My body seems to take ages to adjust to changes like daylight saving and travel. Tiredness, sleepiness in middle of day, mind on the blink, mistakes happen and more around these times. I'd like to know why?

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