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Daylight savings

Does anyone else get all out of whack every time the clocks go backwards or forwards? It takes me a couple of weeks to get used to it and I'm dead tired for the whole time!


It's surprising how disorientating a one hour time change can be. Travelling to Aussie and going through a 2 or 3 hour change always messes with my body and mind.


Hasnt being too bad today!!! Its being pretty good, days gone slow which is always good on a sunday.


I so wish they would just leave our days alone and keep it on daylight saving! It does put my body and mind out for a while too...:(


It doesn't affect me but yesterday seemed to drag on forever. I reckon we should stop messing around with time.


damn straight - i didn't mind the extra sleep this weekend, but i think they need to keep the same time schedule all year. just for the daylight factor. still, we all get 24 hours in a day so best just get stuck in.


it's great, I'm still waking up at the same time so i feel like a have an extra hour up my sleeve


I have enjoyed the feeling of getting up later the last couple of mornings.


ohh no more evening walks with my dog anymore :(


Love it when it's over! Hate daylight savings, the kids never get to sleep til late,drives me nuts!!

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