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Current Men's Fashion -Do dress jeans=a good pair of trousers nowadays?

Going overseas with partner who has packed his pair of dress jeans and said that was all he was taking plus a couple of old work shirts. He hates shopping and because he wears dress jeans to work doesn't believe that dress trousers are required. I really need to get him some clothes but don't know where to start let alone what menswear shops are any good. Are good jeans okay to wear to formal restaurants now? Any help appreciated.


No they don't, jeans are jeans - never will be dress trousers! Get him to buy a couple of dress trousers!


Yes they do as now more people dress more casual than years ago and a tidy pair of jeans look just as good if not better than dress trousers.


I'll suggest you to go for trousers and if possible some branded ones as if the branded trousers are stretchable and more comfortable plus if you are going with jeans then try out denim jeans, I'm using denim jeans since so many years and till now I haven't found any kind of problems.


the current fashion look for men is Modern Hobo. looking around the streets these days male fashion is non event. you go to European cities. and all men especially older men always dress up to go out. pick up your game you kiwi blokes. show some passion.


Europe is far more discerning re dress than good old Godzone...if he is too ignorant to get that or even to buy some new trousers because it would make you feel good, maybe you should leave him at home in his Stubbies...?


If I look tidy and am comfortable I wouldn't want to frequent a place that would refuse me entry for wearing jeans.


my partner only has tidy jeans for going out he does not and has never suited dress pants i would rather he be comfortable than wondering what people are thinking of the way he looks


Yes they can look very classy, it depends on what you wear with them


I've got a grey pin stripe pair of dress jeans, that I didn't even realize were jeans. Comfortable, hard wearing, and they look great.

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