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Cool gadgets you own?

Forget all the stuff we dream of owning that never will. What gadgets have you acquired that are unusual? I'm interested in gadgets you might've got that isn't just the usual kitchen appliance. I'm talking MALE gadgets! So far I have bought the following: - Showerhead with LED (heaps of other cool gadgets like this available at thinkgeek: http://www.thinkgeek.com/ - be warned that the shipping can be quite high though!) - Nose hair trimmer (I bought it from jaycar and it did the job - not the most manly appliance though! http://www.jaycar.co.nz/ ) - Wacom tablet. Ok ok - this isn't that unusual but for some of you that aren't into graphics in a hardout way, you may not even know such devices exist. It's basically a pad that you can use a pen/pencil like device on to draw with. See this picture for an idea: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Z6UyhHL6ubs/TM_ytiAmyII/AAAAAAAABIQ/IE4YliN-lhQ/s1600/Wacom+Bamboo+Silver+Tablet.jpg - Car mp3 player that plugs into cigarette lighter slot in a car. They had these on some of the one day sites a while back. I had a bit of a mixed performance from them. Allows you to play mp3s via this device through the radio on your head deck. How it works is you plug in a USB (maybe you can do it with an SD card on some models) drive into this device that plugs into the cigarette lighter (gets power from it) and then match the radio station frequency on both this device and your head deck to have your music play. http://www.asia.ru/images/target/photo/51562546/FM_Transmitter_and_Car_MP3_Player.jpg - Wireless headphones. Ok ok - this technology isn't THAT unique but it's still cool and not that common. Bluetooth devices are common on mobiles but I haven't seen many wearing wireless headphones for use with computer and mp3 devices. They do exist. I personally am using this device at the moment: Logitech Clearchat Pro http://www.techgadgets.in/images/logitech-clearchat-wireless.jpg If you're interested in getting a wireless headphone - I recommend scoping out battery life, wireless reach (how far you can go with the wireless capability), and microphone and sound quality. I noticed with my current Logitech headphones that you can't replace the rechargeable battery in it - which is a bit of a bummer. I'm not sure if any other wireless headphones allow you to replace the battery yourself or buy a new rechargeable battery. Some other sites that have some coolish gadgets include: http://www.giftbob.co.nz/categories/gifts-for-men (I just came across this site just now but haven't used it)


My coolest gadget has to be my bluetooth laser keyboard. Utterly useless really, but it just looks soooo 2001 Space Odyssey!


I have an iphone. I thought I would use it for all sorts of interesting things. Turns out it's a 1100 dollar portable angry birds device.

Love those Angry Birds, that dude that created that game must light his farts with $100 bills. It's been a stable on my iPhone too. Play other games.... delete them.... but have never deleted A.B.

Nah you guys need to play Plants Vs Zombies. Not Angry Birds.

I played the online version of Angry Birds, finished it, and then it was pretty much over for me. Good thing I didn't buy a iPhone, I'd just have a paper weight by now :)

Apparently the iPhone can make phone calls too.


Oh i agree with that plants vs zombies anna ,such a great and addictie game i went as far as i could on ps3 with it and am now awaiting the sequel.


I have an iPhone 4 and have recently purchased a gen 2 Apple TV unit to complement it. Awesome for movies and streaming stuff off your iPhone (music, movies, photos etc). Renting movies from Apple TV sure rips through your data allowance though! Like crazy. Also have a PS3...... love that thing too.

Hows the Apple TV? How long does it take to download a movie? And can you stream wirelessly to many devices or just the one tv?


Am enjoying my Pioneer CDJ 1000 cd mixers. I am by no means a DJ but I love being able to mix my music together.


I think this thread could alternatively be called "Is it worth my while breaking into your house?" I think I might start another thread entitled "Where is the best place to hide your valuables in your home, and what is your address?"


I want one of those magic wand TV remotes. Most people would get sick of them really quick, but that's when the fun would start for me. "EXPERIAMUS!" haha


Sauvé High Tech Gear: The other day l was given an old a.m. valve radio (vacuum tubes) by one very careful old lady who bought it new back in 1964 and it still works. With a little love, spit and polish I’m confident l will be able to restore it back to an impressive near new condition, it can then take it’s prized spot in my man cave. I love these old valve radios, they were made to last. Ok you may laugh as this old set may not be high tech today, but it was back then. I wonder how many iPod’s & iPads will be still working in 50 years time, l don’t believe many will last to become a Classic.

Just dismantle set and found date underneath chassis, confirmed it’s 63 years old (bought 1950) lady had dates mixed. That’s even more impressive, older than me!

I'll be contacting you when I'm making a movie set in the 50s :)

Awesome! Went to Tauranga Historic Village radio station & they are still using lots of antique equipment there for broadcasting, pretty cool!


The showerheads with LED lights look cool. Glows green - cold water Violet - warm water Red - hot water http://www.aquatica.co.nz/handshowers.htm I don't really own any unusual gadgets. But my Galaxy S2, PS3 and Iconia tablet are quite neat.


Just this...it's the cool kitchen gadget ever (at least, without a motor anyway)...dices and slices pretty much anything and totally awesome for salsas...


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