Discussing :: Clean shaven men get more trim.


Id take stubble over clean shaven anyday!!!


Once again science comes along to troll us. Heres a recent study to debunk and challenge probably many more studies to come. http://www.ehbonline.org/article/S1090-5138(13)00022-6/abstract it outlines that woman find a man with a 10 day growth to be the most attractive, while clean shaven men are the least attractive. BAM SCIENCE

I love it how this happens with just about everything. Very little seems to remain a proven fact for long these days.


As long as the beard is kept tidy or designer stubble that works as well for a number of women I know. Personally I say with the clean shaven look (only exception is Movember!)


Clean shaven get it more. My missus hates it even when I have day old stubble! Prefer to use five minutes of my day if it results in results!


it itsnt easy when you dont have an option cos of work. sure beards are becoming more socially acceptable but deep down everyone thinks its scruffy....


Shaving becomes too much of a chore - stubble is the way to go. Not too long so you look like a tramp. Also great natural sunblock!


I think Clean Shaven men or ones with a little stubble do. My Mrs has already warned me that if I do Movember i won't get any action for the month. Lots of cold showers or long showers :) for me.


What about men that man scape???? Gotta love a clean man ;-).

Makes it look bigger???? YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

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