Discussing :: Clean shaven men get more trim.


A beard is great as long as you choose a shape that fits your face. I think scruff looks sexy too. But you know it's not going to feel great when you go in for a kiss. Unless you have really soft stubble. I think the great appeal of going clean-shaven is that there's nothing in the way to tickle or scratch.


my partner moans (not in a good way) if it is freshly shaven becase its prickly.


Beards are eww. Not a fan at all. Clean shaven is so much nicer


As a short in stature secondary school teacher, having a goatee sets me apart from the students at times. I may not get any more respect, but at least they know I'm not just another short student!


My view is go without, it really adds years to how old you look!


Shave it all off- and don't stop with the beard. Pubes are out- especially grey and curly...and back hair...and black hair.... and bum hair.

Are you ever late for work, what a task. Remember beauty if only skin deep!


Once the beard gets past the scratchy stage it's all good. All though WryRhie, sometimes the tickle and scratch is a good thing...!


Clean shaven men are always the icon of dignified looking... but it does not necessarily mean you are good looking... but lets accept it, to be clean shaven feels good, as if you are a newly born baby boy, lol... Cheers!


this is true! I must say I'm attracted to men who have are clean, with great body and high paying job, funny and of course lots of $$$$$! lol

I agree clean men, $$$ and someone who knows where he's heading


I hate being clean shaven and my ex hated it when I wasn't. So I'm back to only shaving for work. Suits me fine, who cares about the women?


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