Discussing :: Clean shaven men get more trim.


I was never into beards at all but have definitely changed my opinion here! In fact I can't quite remember what my partner actually looks like now...


I'm one of the lucky ones I guess. It takes me so long to grow facial hair and even then it looks like I've got 'the mange.'


Dam it time for a shave


there always seems to be a fine line between whats cool and what looks like a couch potato!!


Partner was purposely going for bushman Peter look. Now he's had a tidy up he looks like a super villain. Sheriff of Nottingham perhaps? Only rules he was given was no abe Lincoln, and no porn star. Should have thought about this more...


as a male , i admire a man with a good beard , i like to have a bit of facial growth myself . check out jonny trevathan from last nights masterchef - great beard , shame about the cooking . need more men with facial hair on t.v in my opinion - too many pansy , poofy newsreader types. what has become of the real man ?


It really depends if a guy suits a beard or not. Some guys just look gross with a beard but some guys have the face for one. I think it all depends on the guy personally.


I wouldnt be suprised if my missus shaved my face in my sleep if i let a beard grow out. She hates them


I'm growing a beard and getting divorced right now. I will let you know if being bearded and single gets me more than being clean shaven and married. (Any will be more than the nothing I have had recently...)


i have to say i dont like beards of any kind, i do like a moustache however and my hubby has had one for all our married life, one day i said why dont you shave it off , i could not believe it, i just felt like i was talking to a stranger and i could not stop laughing, and yes he is wearing it again and it wont ever be shaved off, it really is a personal thing, some women love body hair, and facial hair,others prefer the clean shaven look,so i dont think your chances will be any more or less really.


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