Discussing :: Christmas.... Oh not-so-holy night!


Christmas.... Oh not-so-holy night!

Truth is. Not everyone will have a great christmas. Not everyone will have a large ham to go w/ the hangi or pasta salad. It dawned on me the other day when I stood behind a woman at checkout. She was trying to purchase her groceries which I sneakily looked at the total sum: $129.00. When I saw the products she bought, they weren't luxury goods. Everything was home-brand minus a few items (meat, veges). she only had $100 on her, so she began placing some items back. At that point it hit me, this lady is struggling to feed her family while I'm standing behind her about to buy a bottle of Matua wine. Christmas was just around the corner; if she couldn't afford this weeks groceries how could she afford xmas? (We all know the price of xmas, it doesn't come cheap... Especially when the extended family spontaneously 'pop in for a visit.' I went to the other counter, got the cashier to give $30 to the cashier that served the woman and left without saying who I was. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it; I'm sure she wouldn't want to either so I didn't say a thing. Motto of the story, when you can see one struggling to feed others, especially during a time like christmas, don't just sit back and watch. HELP! Otherwise, what's the point of celebrating christmas? Remember why we celebrate it in the first place.


Unfortunately Christmas is a tough time financially for families however they need to be realistic and prepared for the day as we know it's coming. people need to live within there means as it's not point getting into serious debt as by the time you pay it off, it's christmas time all over again.


Make it a day with no pretensions and no pressure to be something or someone you are not. Easy to say and hard to do I know but there is too much expectation only matched by disappointment on Xmas day. Its about family friends and love- not iPads perfumes and alcohol- plenty of days left for those in the rest of the year.


Speking of a not-so-holy night. I really hope Bad Santa is on TV on Christmas Day, BEST XMAS MOVIE EVER!


Bad santa!!!! gotta love it


Advertising should be banned at Xmas - then there is not so much pressure on everyone to spend, spend, spend.


I can totally see your point but where do you draw the line....the person you gave money to could be a person that wasted money on gambling , alcohol , drugs etc and so they dont have money left for stuff they actually need.im not saying that is the case but you never know.


Pretty inspiring, great to read, good on ya. People like you seem so invisible these days, but we don't always see the humble do we as they like not to be seen. It seems so many are struggling in various ways in New Zealand right now and we've become a pretty selfish nation, stress and fear abound and it makes you worry about #1. I can see where shadowshaded is coming from, I've seen plenty of people complain about not being able to afford stuff for the kids while they smoke ciggies and carry a 24 pack to the car, my own Dad for one, it makes you shake your head. I've helped people out before in the same situation to a lesser monetary degree, what does a few dollars matter in the scheme of things really. I reckon you always get back what you give, even if in other ways, I know what it's like to go without and many have helped me and my family before so to me it's just the right thing to do sometimes.


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