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With Christmas day looming what gifts are you wishing for from the big fella in the Red Suit.......?


the vistoria secrets models, Beiber to quit music, mark hammett to quit the Canes, a golden duck no make that 2 for ricky ponting in the boxing day test, a hot summer in Wellington with only gentle zephyr's, the sole winner of Power Ball, head hunted for a job by google, apple, microsoft or lion nathan oh and of course world peace.

I don' ask for much!!!!! heheheheheehehhehe

....Yeah you sure don't want much....although Victoria secret model sounds cool,along with a nice pair of shades,wouldn't mind having the lotto as well and maybe a boat.....


This is the year of phones so there will be a couple under our tree and possibly even a tablet but Santas not promising... but he has one of those smiles on his face just like Flashgg....I wonder if theres a smartphone in there ? Maybe an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy...ooohhh I cant wait....maybe I should increase my internet GBs just in case....

...We have relented and got the kids a mobile phone each....I feel the expense now....Oh the pain...


I think a pair of Philips O’Neill ‘The Stretch’ headphones would make my year. They are great looking and would make my music sound so much better (also it will give me some peace with being able to put them on when I am getting a lecture from the wife!! hehehee)

.....Good luck man....


My work mate just won a $500 Prezzy card... now that is a great Christmas present to get on the last day of work!

....Now that's an awesome Prezzy!!!


Oh yes- a fine bottle of Chivas Regal was delivered not 5 minutes ago- thanx to GF...another excellent Xmas present.

....Awesome wouldn't mind a glass of that over Ice...


A succulent glazed Ham and a Bottle of bourbon would be more than enough. Maybe a condenser Microphone too... I'm not sure I've been good enough to earn myself one of those

.....Yummy and a nice rare steak!! and a few bottles of beer....


....to have family and friends who are overseas be able to come home for Christmas and New Year....quality family time over Christmas nothing better IMHO I would go without all my Christmas prezzies for that....Santa make it happen....lol

....Fingers crossed Dee Dee you never know maybe the big fella in the red suit could fit them in his sleigh.....

.....hahah....lol thanks Flashgg....he would have to dart to all parts of the world though.....and may need a bigger sleigh, cause there is a few of them ....lol...but am sure my parents would be rapt.....you have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year......

......and a Happy Christmas and prosperous 2012 to you as well....


GRRRRRR....bought a bmx bike for my son a week ago for xmas and then just saw a mailer from The Warehouse saying they will be going on sale on boxing day for $100 cheaper! NOOOOOOO! Don't you hate it when that happens.

Hey you should take it back and wait until boxing day.....Or take it back on boxing day....and yes a pain in the butt....


A pair of shoes shined by this guy?


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