Discussing :: Buying a Xmas present for your Boss???????


We have the secret Santa thing we have 4 bosses / partners and they are always the driving force behind it with a $15 dollar limit was fun but now getting a little boring we would like them to show appreciation for our hard work and dig a little deeper in to their pockets.


gave my boss an itunes gift card our limit was 20$ tho for secret santa

...lol we had our Secret Santa on Friday and drinks at the office that night...and then went out for dinner, drinks and dancing last night...I played sober driver for our co workers and my man....lol....our boss also got a 20 itunes card from his Secret Santa because that was our limit too....we all got really great food hampers that him and his family put together and the company put on drinks, finger food and a DJ in the office....and last night the dinner was great and who thought that our boss would get up and dance with his wife he hasn't before....everyone had fun and I had a great laugh when dropping them all off safely....


Dont like Secret Santa ... sooner or later everyone knows whom gave what to eachother. Stiil i call it boss a## kissing.


I wouldn't because I just started working at the restaurant.


I think if your boss makes an effort to keep you happy and appreciates the work you do, why not. What ever happened to Christmas spirit. There are so many people without jobs at the moment, I certainly am glad I have mine.


... and if your boss was a woman, what would you give her?


Fresh bakes xmas goodies for a top bloke


We usually do the secret santa where everyone brings a generic gift and you can open a present or steal one from someone else. Last year was a lot of fun stealing the presents FROM the boss! This year he got a shit present no one wanted - equally as satisfying!


For secret santa I pulled my boss's name from the hat. I knew he was outdoorsy, I knew he was witty & naughty (when not at work), but I didn't know where the balance would be between a funny/funky gift and something that he can frown upon and wonder 'who the hell bought me this crapoli?!' I always keep in the back of my mind that I 'know' who is buying prezzies for whom. And I mean 'know' as in everyone gossips, and its not difficult to walk over to the organiser of the gifts and find out who bought the suspicious prezzies. So, my idea was to fool him with the wrapping (old wooden box in fact), but put something in there that would be 'nice' at the time, but easily forgotten by the time next secret santa is upon us. Step forward reasonably priced bottle of red wine! There's always a wine/beer sale on around Christmas, so picked up a nice merlot that was actually dirt cheap! And yes, luckily I also knew that he liked a good ol' red...


Big no no I reckon, Boss is already being paid enough as it is!

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