Discussing :: Buying a Xmas present for your Boss???????


Definitely not but if it is for Secret Santa and the bosses name is drawn only then.


What do you buy for your boss when the boss is Countdown Supermarkets?

...something from the competition....lol...do a rap song of interesting items in the supermarket in a funny way and do up a you tube video as a Christmas gift to him with his name in it and send him the link in an email or something....put on a mask if you want to keep it anonymous....lol....gee there I go anything for a laugh

A decent steak from New World.


Pass on bottle of whiskey that you won


I got my boss in the secret santa (tomorrow at morning tea). I got him a little stuffed Monkey (okay I stole it out of my kids toy box) to remind him that when you pay peanuts you get monkeys.


I won't be buying my boss a Xmas present. The place I work for doesn't buy their workers any gifts or presents. We have had a record year but still don't receive any recognition for that.


No. But I'm tempted to buy a gift for the trash man. He does such an awesome job, of such a rubbish job. Okay thing is, would he want to carry a gift around in his dirty truck all day...


hrmmm... not sure about buying the boss a present, as it could come across as 'sucking up'. Altho, if a whole bunch of staff all pitched in & got the boss something really cool to say thanks, then I guess thats OK


Buying a Xmas present for your Boss .. - In my words - i call it ass kissing, sorry i am not into it.


I'm so over giving gifts in general (except for my kids). I'm doing the childfund gift thing this year, and little gifts to go with them. I don't have a boss, but I'm not giving a gift to my supervisors. I'm sick of people wondering if there is an ulterior motive when I give gifts.


More you socialise more gifts you have to give -- XMAS, BIRTHDAY ETCETC..


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