Discussing :: Buying a Xmas present for your Boss???????


Buying a Xmas present for your Boss???????

I read on Stuff that people actually buy their Boss a Xmas present?! WTF? In my many years of being a slave boy and at the bottom of the corporate ladder I have never ever brought my Boss a Xmas present no matter how good or hopeless they were. Actually a couple of bosses, the only thing I would have given them for Xmas would be a right hook! Better to give, than it is to recieve! However the survey was from Australia so there a alot more brown-nosers over there!


...we usually have secret santa with a buying limit and the boss is usually pulled into that....lol


Cant say ive ever bought my boss a pressent... i believe its meant to be the other way around =P

...lol our boss is great and a little bird told me that him and his family have been preparing hampers over the weekend...hehehe me telling him about what a boss in Sydney did for us when I was there must of worked....lol...and he will also be getting his Secret Santa gift apparently going over the limit....hahaha will see if it is true typical office gossip...and I got it right from the main gossip...lol...his secretary


I wouldn't sounds like a kissing ass. Maybe only give if it is tradition and you exchange small token gifts.


I usually give my boss a bottle of plonk at the end of the year. He's a pretty good boss though and has gone in to bat for me with the heavies on several occaisons.

If he's gone beyond the call of duty for you, then he deserves it.


Are we talking about the wife?

Yes you better buy your wife a Christmas present or you will be like "Mother" and be in the Dog Box. lol


I'm the Boss here so I expect something from my staff, can of beer, a dozen or two or bottle of whisky.


That's crazy. Bosses should defintely buy something for their staff as a thank you for their hardwork but not the other way around. Spending the money you earned and was given by your boss to buy something to give back to them. wrong.

...I totally agree as a gesture and a thank you for the work put in for the year....as for giving back to the boss I think Secret Santa is good enough....lol


Yeah it looks like you are greasing, and as lr says why give back what you just earned. Unless you are a close friend l wouldn't do it.


woah i would never buy my boss a present . probably because i work at a mill and have many bosses ,maybe if i worked in a smaller company and you had a closer relationship with your boss then maybe i would give him/her a no scrap that no way would i ever give my boss a prezzy


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