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I made soup for a market... forgot about the pot, left it in my van for 3 days. There was just an inch of left overs. Anyway, rank as.Fruit flies all up in it's grill. Almost vomited as i got rid of it. Ugh. So i might try this. Cheers!~


.........Just cost cutting saucepans are so damn expensive.Got you all talking tho....


A little bit of salt as well can help get the dirt off too - with a good bit of elbow grease of course (just think of those muscles you'll have to show off in your buff boy tee over summer). Basically, anything slightly abrasive... a friend of ours uses jif and swears by it.. but I don't know what the W.H.O would say.. wash it well I guess!


Hey I have never tried Jif wouldn't it stuff up your saucepan tho....being so abrasive?


I have realized since writing this topic that the forum should be about James Bond,dining out,Bars and fashion.So just want to say in my defense a saucepan can be used as a weapon( I have had a few thrown at me over the years),a saucepan is used for the dining experience,You could use a saucepan to drink beer out of at the pub(admittedly not tried and tested.............Fashion not to sure on that one. If all fails maybe GF can open a Guys Home economics forum.....(Hey just a suggestion don't beat me up!!!)


not a bad idea ( cough cough )


Mate, throw the pans away and get yourself a BBQ geeza.

The pans are now in the Forums of decay..........

I you buried the pots in the grounds for a couple of months then dig them up, maybe the burn bit would have decomposed. Then you've still got your pots. lol


.......Will have to try this when my new ones get burnt...Get the worms to clean them....!


when I was flatting on my oe a long while ago in australia, when my friend would visit the first thing she would do was look in my rubbish bin for my pots as i was always burning them & chucking them in the bin as i did a good job of burning them. one time i nearly had a fire. they were cheap enough then to replace & I only bought the cheap ones anyway. nowadays I just burn my sons bacon & he thinks i only do that so i can eat it as yes i do like it a bit crispy & like the taste of burnt. lol!

....Been there many times


....I just have to mention 1 of my new saucepans the handle has fallen off.Why don't they make decent saucepans today....Grrrrr

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