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Make friends with someone who works in a daycare. Then you give them the pots for the kids to play with in the sandpit. Not only do you get rid of the evidence, you also get to tell people "yeah, I regularly give to the children, I'm generous like that". However, don't just turn up to a daycare and tell the children you've got something for them, you will probably be arrested....

Also, dont tell the daycare people that you have some pot plants for them to sell at their next garage sale to raise cash... Made a mistake like this in the USA, and now I always say POTTED plants...

Haha - like when I first moved to the city and heard about people going on PD for work. Couldn't believe that not only did they have to do this, they (usually) looked forward to it and still GOT PAID! Then realised that 'city' PD is about upskilling, rather than the type that needs orange jump suits and cleans rubbish off the side of the road...


I find if I leave any dishes in the sink half filled with water they magically are cleaned. Do you think she'll notice that I leave them there deliberately when I can't be bothered cleaning them myself?

Just to hazard a guess, I'd say... yes. Yes she does.


well... would boundary road brewery beer get it off, with the fizz?


I hear that even those teflon non stick fry pans can cause cancer!

I've heard that too! Apparently it's really bad when you're cooking on high, which is no good for me because i'm too damn impatient when i cook.

I've heard that too, but then everything does, or might. You're not meant to use them on high because it ruins the surface (apparently) but I'm too impatient too. I'd much rather have non-non-stick, but I just can not seem to cook in them without them sticking. And I hear you saying 'well, duh!' but you're meant to be able to get it really hot, or something, and it doesn't stick. It always sticks for me.

i dont think its the frying pans that's causing cancer... it's probably more to do with the fact that you fry things at very high temperature which changes the molecule structure of the food that you are cooking and therefore produces harmful or even cancerous substances.. or something like that!

i think i read an article awhile ago saying that the most healthy way of eating is to make sure you dont heat things up or cook at temperature above 50 degrees Celsius... which is just ridiculous but apparently some people actually eat things that way!!

guessing 50deg c is good for those vege lovers amongst us and for those who like very slowly cooked meat or jerky which ever comes first....and what about those pesky bugs that need 60+ to kill. might pay to take some shares in some sustainable loo paper if you like this idea ;)


Farmers and Briscoes always have sales, just buy a new one ha ha. However straight salt on the bottom really helps, just leave it over night!


baking soda and white vinegar - let it bubble away and leave it to soak. if that doesn't work it's stuffed and you'll need another


Hmmmm Muzza99 - that kind of puts me in mind of a story my parents told of a night they went to a friends house for dinner. After they had finished eating the lady gathered the plates and took them into the kitchen (as most people do) but then put them on the floor and called the dog. After the dog had licked each one clean she simply picked all the plates up and put them back in the cupboard...Made dessert kind of awkward...!

No... way...!


Yup way!


hahahaha. That's disgusting! It's all good in our house though. I hope it made you laugh anyways


if it is realy bad. put garden soil in burnt pot and leave out side for a couple of days and just wash it, it will be fine,

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