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Burnt Saucepans

How many of you burn saucepans.....Well a tip to clean them up Put back on the heat with water and baking soda bring to the boil and then simmer will be easy to clean up after that

Burn't porridge is hell to shift, and really stinks the place out. I thought that my wife had it figured, after leaving the cleaning job for her and the pots coming back like new. I asked her what the secret was, for this forum, and discovered that all those like new pots were in fact new pots.

haha! Sounds about right.


Ha! The last two times this has happened to me I just threw them away!

You must buy cheaper pots than I do!! All Clad - they're beauuuuuuutiful!!


I think I remember my Grandma telling me something like that, I just thought it was the dementia acting up.


Oh, never tried that one before. But once we had something burned onto our glass pot and you'd think glass would be easy to clean of the stuff but it was SO STUCK. We tried everything, including some really DIY hardware equipment. In the end, toothpaste was the surprising winner and gave our beloved pot a new lease of life. Moral of the story: don't throw them out like Jason!

I've been reliably informed that drain cleaner works, or oven cleaner... which is quite obvious when you think about it. Ok, back to alcohol and breasts please... enough of home economics!


I normally just put them on the element with water and boil them, burnt crap just lifts ... odd time it doesnt though so thanks for this


bury the pot in the garden for a few days then dig it up and wash it out seems to work , no hard scrubbing needed

Superb! I wonder who thought of that first. "Hmmm... burnt on crud... I think I'll bury it for a few days."

Are you kidding? I bury all my dishes. Sometimes I even bury the kids. Doesn't work quite as well with them though, I have to admit.

Thank you. At last some insanity. I was beginning to think I was going to be trapped in this never ending circular thread where nothing ever happened. Bless you.

I think this discovery was probably made when someone burnt the rice to the pot which was subsequently filling the kitchen with black smoke so they forcefully jettisoned the offending pan into the yard whilst yelling expletives and forgot about it til they needed it next, had to go out in the rain and find it half buried in the garden and... well, how about that!! A cleanish pot!!


lol just rediscovered this thread . Yep it was rice and no it wasnt Jettisoned out intothe yard. I was told to go bury it in the garden. left it there for about a week. was hoping when i dug it back up that there would be some spuds in it. nope.

Ingenious though, bury the saucepan and grow the spuds directly in it! Then remove, rinse and boil! A bachelors delight!


Sorry guys you need to revert to the old Grannies Method: Clean burned on foods from your pots and pans with baking soda and vinegar. Soaking, boiling, and soaking it the best way unless you want to hit it with some power tool or blow torch (Warning: mechanical methods usually terminate the pans life).

Guys, we need to stop talking about ways to clean a bloody saucepan. Who posted this crap?? Ahhhh, another "New Member" I see.....

Why don't you just admit defeat and ask a woman to cook for you, bloody hell


my money is on for a comp

Eh? Elaborate please, evidently I'm slow today...


well while i been chatting on here my spuds have burnt to the bottom of the pot. Dam element stayed on hight after i turned it down. Not going to chuck this one out into the garden good old elbow grease will do.


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