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I grew up on a farm and my Mum would make wine out of just about anything. Elderberries and bananas were a favourite. There are some great NZ fruit wines out there - feijoa, kiwifruit, boysenberry and plum are great.


Guava Wine is a nice drop. a blue wine would not be too bad , after all it is all about flavour.


I dont drink the stuff but my partner would drink any colour as long as its tasty for her lol


I would so try this! I had no idea there were other colours!


As long as it tastes OK, I don't really mind!


Don't like wine so don't care really!


As long as it tastes good I am happy!! Would have to be careful with the kids though if it was different colours.....they may think it is cordial!


Blue beverages and food do not sell very well. It's not a color that people associate with food. Only if it is a deep blue, would it work.


Well I drink green beer on St Patrick's Day so why not blue wine on Bastille Day


I remember blue Pepsi lol

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