Luckily my due date was xmas day but I came few days earlier but my birthday every year is seriously forgotten last year even my dad forgot but hes a lt older now so can let it pass does anyone else get this , I know busy time of year but Im really dreading my birthday coming up this month .


We have a daughter on the 27th December and then Daddy 3rd Jan. We try and make those days special but its hard when their is extra expenses over Christmas and the holidays but we do our best! Very important to make sure birthdays are special.


My Dads is the 23rd December so as a kid he only got one present. We always have a birthday dinner but as it is just before Christmas it always gets caught up in the last min Christmas panic!!


My sons is the 6th Jan, we always make his birthday WAY bigger than christmas!


So many things are happening this time of year... quite a few birthdays and Christmas. Nobody seems to be forgotten though (well at least I hope not... lol). A birthday on Christmas day means twice as many presents? Doubt it.... wouldn't that be great! I reckon it would be good to have a birthday mid-year so you wouldn't have to wait as long for more presents! Mine is in March, so not too close to Christmas.


Friend has a birthday on Christmas Day, sure it won't all be about you but at least all your people will be around :)


Just has my sons birthday and got to say...didnt really spend that much as it is so close to Christmas. Just have to watch those pennies this time of year. Felt a bit bad but that is the reality .


That must suck I know a few people who have birthdays at Christmas & having 'joint' presents yeah right!


I have a niece which is born on Xmas day and i do feel sorry for her as she always only gets xmas pressies therfore delegate another day during the year to celebrate your birthday and party


My friends are both on 31 Dec and my sister on 6th Jan so I always make a special effort to give them a separate card and present and maybe a cake if I'm feeling generous. My sister used to get one gift at xmas with rellies saying - that's for your birthday too! Harsh!

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