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Glad I have not brought my tickets yet!

...Yeah a number of my friends had tickets and were planning to go based on Kayne West being there and now they are all pissed and wanting their money back.... I can't see why the organisers just didn't say so before naming him....my friends have said the ticket sales increased when Kayne Wests name was announced....so one has to wonder....why they would suddenly take him off....


what i heard was he agreed then asked for more money or something along those lines

That sounds like the kind of Douche bag move Kanye West would make...

I suffered through his opening set for the U2 Vertigo tour back in 2006 and it was Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit Hoooooooouse... no exageration... way to bass-ey and to many shout outs to his homeboys for my liking.

I will not mourn the loss of him to BDO. I like the idea of them making it smaller again. I missed all the primo years during the 90's so it will be cool to see what it was like on a smaller scale... not that I'm going this year :(

...as far as I am aware it was the promoter that dropped Kayne West not him asking for more....they had to choose between the two main headliners and it came down to him and soundgarden and the promoters believed that the target age groups would appeal more to soundgarden and not Kayne....which is weird considering when his name was annouced ticket sales jumped...as for him being a douche can't agree with you on that one mate....I saw him in concert in Miami and he was great....and most hip hop sounds have bassy beats...his shout outs to homies didn't bug me...cause his lyrics definitely made up for it...but everyone to their own

Fair call Dee Dee.

I can't say I'm a fan in any shape or form of the man, so I'm not really in a position to critique what might have been an off day for the guy. And I'm only a casual hip hop fan... and mostly stuff from the nineties and eighties

.....don't worry I have gone off him a lot lately anyway....I loved his early stuff more the stuff he brings out now...doesn't do it for me...but everyone to their own....


prob less crime with the soundgarden fan base too ;)


you can get a refund on your tickets until the end of November I think, I'm glad I didn't buy mine now. I really wanted to see Kanye. Hope he comes here anyway!

....I hope he comes here to......I would love to see him tour with Jay Z and Snoop Dogg that would be awesome....well am allowed to suggest....lol


Not having two main stages sucks big time. Sitting there in the main stadium waiting for each band to set up is going to be a big pain in the arse. The bands always take a very long time to get their gear ready and set-up. Having two main stages and quick turn around between bands was one of the best things about the BDO. The Sound is not that good and the Performances of the bands are not that long, to be able to see a lot of bands in one place instead of having to wander off to another stage in another area was one of major things I enjoyed about BDO.


With the cost so high I will defiantly be giving it a miss, my money will be going to home grown and its only about half the price


Any love for Kasabian on this thread?



bad news....... no Kanye good news........ no Taylor Swiftt


You would think now that BDO is so big now they could attract big acts each and every year. Frankly I'm quite disappointed with the lack of high calibre, well-known acts for 2012

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