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Big Day Out lineup?

So what does everyone think about the Big day out lineup? Kanye should be great, but other than that there isn't a lot that is getting me excited... I do like Foster the People and Odd Future, but I am hoping for some big acts in the 2nd Announcement. any thoughts?

nobody has any thoughts?


....use to go to BDO all the time and lately have found it to be average really...hopefully Kanye West will bring some life back to it....I'd have to say I prefer Rhythm and Vines more now....and the weather in Gisborne over summer is pumping too...so win win in my book


had no idea who soundgarden were until i looked them up. looking forward to hearing best coast, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Battles and Royksopp. Royksopp are a really dynamic band whose sound is palatable to almost any music lover. Unknown mortal orchestra have made it big overseas and they have some local talent in them i believe. Girl talk should be quality live entertainment as far as live djing and mixing goes. Girl talk likes to mingle with the crowd which is always a winner. This being said, i still think laneway festival is the ticket i will be saving up for. BDO has too many camera toting teens running around like its the end of the world.

Haha isn't that true - with that said, in terms of solid festival atmosphere, BDO is unmatched in NZ. Yes, Laneway generally offers superior artists, but what it lacks is the aforesaid festival vibe. BDO is as much about the drunk revelers, as it is about the music... so that's why I will always be down for a big day out. Though I must admit that the Laneway lineup is ridiculously good... Just so expensive!


I always find that it doesn't matter who is playing, it's always a fantastic day out and well worth the flight up from Chch. I unfortunately won't be making the pilgrimage this year due to impending fatherhood around that time however. That said if I was going it would be for Soundgarden, Kasabian and Beast Wars. Kasabian were on the blue stage a few years back but suffered from some sound issues methinks and didn't get the crowd response they deserved for their set. I've seen some of their live stuff on You Tube and they look epic. Beast Wars are surely NZ's best kept metal secret. Saw them a few months back and they tore shit up. Kind of like Motorhead meets Queens of the stone age. And if Chris Cornell's solo acoustic concert was any indicator of form, I think Soundgarden are going to slaughter. How awesome would it be to hear 'Jesus Christ Pose' live? I'm salivating at the thought!!


Unknown Mortal Orchestra will be the one... Soundgarden played years ago from my vague recollection of it... not really my thing... I have not heard any Kanye West, figure that I would hate it though. Kasabian sucked last BDO they played...boring sound folling the Presets set (who were good then but awful now) I have been most years the first one in 1994... cool to see that the vert ramp is back... not had that since 1996 one... still remember sitting on the ramp with Tony Hawk watching the RATM crwod... was funny to watch (never been into that band either)


So far it isn't convincing me. maybe a headliner i really like in the second announcement would do it though.


I stopped going to the BDO as got sick of drinking (legally) so far away from the stage, the mosh pit closed too early and the main acts don't play a full set. However there are alot of smoking hot women (call me a dirty old man but I'm only speaking the truth). I went to the ACDC concert and enjoyed it more as you can drink where ever you want, go into the mosh pit when ever and you get a 2 -3 hour show. The women weren't as flash but twist my arm. So saving my bucks for the Foo Fighters rather than the BDO sorry Soundarden ( I have seen them already though)and gonna rock out to them. Music Man and Steff S I think you need to call into my house and listen to some real music :)...unless Soundargen or the Foo's are headlining Laneways?


Yo Kanye, I’m really happy for you not coming…I’ll let you finish. But Soundgarden are one of the best rock bands of all time! One of the best rock bands of all time! LETS ROCK!!


sounds like they are downgrading the whole thing - getting rid of Kayne and the 2nd main stage. It's a shame when you've bought your tickets and then they change things. ho hum...


...why the heck would you get rid of one of their main head liners?....that is just weird...unless they couldn't afford him post the changes.....but at least they will still have the other head liner Soundgarden...must be all about the cash

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